Terms of Use

For Employers:

By listing an IT Project you accept to receive IT Profiles from MatchPaxx. The terms are based on a “win-win” business model. MatchPaxx only gets paid for an IT Profile that matches a specific Project and finally wins the selection process. The provision is calculated as an “all in” rate when an offer is made and which employers at any time can accept or ignore.
In case a suggested profile starts working, any project alteration must be communicated. The total amount of hours worked must be reported bi-weekly. 
For IT-Consultants:

MatchPaxx may offer IT-Projects based on Profile Skills. If Consultant accepts working for a proposed Project, then consultant accepts that MatchPaxx adds a % Provision on top of the hourly "all in" rate. Consultant accepts to act confidentially and to have MatchPaxx Customer sign a Document that demonstrates the amount of total hours for a specific cycle based upon Payments will take place.  Any alteration with regards to the assigned Project will be managed in compliance to these terms.
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